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Our Company History

Able Transport Solutions was launched by Liz Wayne in early 2014. Working as an independent agent, Liz took on primarily flatbed and heavy haul loads for the Dept of Defense, FEMA, and other government agencies across the country.

In June of 2015, Liz moved on to establish Able Transport Solutions. The first employee was hired, the operation moved into its first office, and the company began its strategic plan to create dynamic growth. In October, Able gained the opportunity to work with a large fortune 500 company with a freight spend of over $80 million. After a few months of hard work, the company became a top 5 FTL carrier, retaining that spot each year since. More growth followed, with 3 new positions created in the year of 2015.

In 2016, the focus was building teams for our customers and their logistics needs, while establishing the processes needed to manage these new high volume customers. With 4 new positions created and an even larger new office space, Able was positioned for exciting growth.

In 2017, Able Transport Solutions was catapulted into the next phase. Moving from what industry standards consider a “small shop,” Able became a medium-sized operation and took over a large share of its niche market. With 8 new positions created that year, along with the creation of a lucrative classroom training program, Able expanded its customer base by over 500%.

A History of Proven Success

Able Transport Solutions truly has a 0% attrition rate. Aside from certain private individuals who have hired us for one-time jobs, we have never had a customer choose to stop working with us. We haul for leaders in the railroad, construction, agricultural, mining, automotive and heavy equipment rental industries, who continue to grow with us and never leave. We believe that kind of service record speaks for itself with both prospects and existing customers.

High Quality Without Exception

We never promise to be the lowest-cost option. We sell results and we come through with them. The freight broker industry is one that is extensive and constantly changing, leaving ample room for cut corners and overzealous estimates. At Able, we’re dedicated to accurate promises, efficient processes, and — most importantly — customers who are truly satisfied, and will come back to work with us time and time again.

Message to the Customers

We believe our customers deserve the best service and solutions in the industry, so we dedicate specific brokers and dispatchers to each and every one. This allows us to truly familiarize ourselves with them, their account reps, shippers, and receivers — which helps us cultivate success for everyone involved.

Message to the Carriers

We are the conduit to the best and highest-paying freight in the country. We operate local and regional runs in every corner of the country — including OTR. We also offer the best per-mile rates you’ll find from a freight broker. In fact, we paid an average of $2.60 per mile for all miles in 2017.


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