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Shipping Solutions in the Chicago Area

When it was founded in 1837, Chicago’s location—convenient to the Great Lakes, and with the Chicago River providing access to the mighty Mississippi River—made it a hub for American commerce. Much has changed over the decades, but when the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning calls the Chicagoland area “North America’s freight hub,” it’s no idle boast; 25% of the nation’s freight trains and 50% of its intermodal trains pass through, as do tens of thousands of trucks daily. Whether your freight is originating from or headed to, Chicago, the assistance of a 3PL broker like Able Transport Solutions helps keep logistics for heavy machinery on time and on track.

From the Windy City to New York City or the Emerald City, We’ve Got You Covered.

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3PL in the Chicagoland Area

Its unique location and infrastructure ensure that the Chicagoland area offers promise and peril in equal measure. On one hand, there are many opportunities for expedited shipping to or from a centralized location; on the other, the forces of supply and demand can lead to all manner of logistics headaches, which is why businesses turn to Able Transport Solutions for their 3PL needs.

  • Heavy haul transport ensures quick and reliable hauling to all corners of the lower 48, while our less-than-load transportation (LTL) gives you options for maintenance parts, smaller components, and lighter machinery that compliments your larger loads
  • To ensure speed and safety, we also offer the option of freight loading and unloading
  • Our offerings as a Chicagoland freight broker also include power-only service, hazmat transport, and many other support services
  • We also provide advanced GPS tracking and EDI compatibility for full visibility and transparency

Experts in Heavy Machinery Supply Chain and Logistics

If you’ve been doing a bit of comparison shopping among 3PL providers, some of this may seem familiar to you; many companies, after all, will promise to cover all bases.

We don’t.

Rather than generalists, our drivers are specialists in heavy machinery transport. They’re well-versed in the regulatory and practical concerns that come with handling and hauling oversized loads, keeping your cargo safer, and eliminating guesswork at every phase in the process. The right equipment, and the right driver, for the job, are exactly what you get, every time.

Why Our Customers Trust Able Transport Solutions

Except for the occasional one-off shipping project, we have a very low attrition rate. Given the diversity of our clients (in construction, rail, agriculture, equipment rental, mining, and other demanding industries) and the equal diversity of their needs, we think that’s something to be proud of. How do we do it?

  • We compete on results, not price
  • We promise only what we can deliver
  • Our onboarding process is designed for a full understanding of your business and its needs
  • Our solutions, therefore, are custom-tailored
  • We eliminate unpredictability and stress from your supply chain
  • We offer a wide range of value-added 3PL services

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Why Drivers Choose Able Transport Solutions

Customers trust us for our reliable drivers. What makes us a favorite among those drivers?

  • Local, regional, and OTR routes are available
  • Quick and painless onboarding
  • Dedicated dispatch with a single point of contact
  • Excellent per-mile rates
  • Quick Pay ACH payment options

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What To Expect from the Top Nationwide 3PL Provider

Often as not, building a network of shipping partners is time and cost-prohibitive for businesses. When you cannot afford to choose between your needs, your time, and your budget, it’s important to enlist the help of a trusted partner like Able Transport Solutions. Get in touch today!

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