When it comes to handling your shipping needs, from nationwide expedited shipping to heavy haul trucking services to LTL shipping, every challenge comes with a number of questions. No matter what you’re facing, Able Transport Solutions has answers you can trust. Bring them to us! We’re passionate about the topic of third-party logistics and feel that everyone should have an experienced freight broker in their fold—even if it isn’t us.

Your Freight Questions, Answered

Today, let’s take a moment to address some common questions and concerns. If you don’t see your question answered here, give us a call.

How does a freight broker help? 

Statistically speaking, about 93% of the trucking companies in the country own fewer than 5 trucks. Generally, it’s far fewer than that, since many of these “companies” are sole owner-operators; that’s especially common with flatbed trucks. That’s not a bad thing, necessarily, since a sole proprietor is motivated to give you their best service at a highly competitive rate. 

So that represents an opportunity (saved cost), but a challenge, too: depending on your needs and the size of your business, that can mean managing multiple carriers—dozens, maybe even hundreds, of them—to meet demand. That kind of management takes focus away from your business, whereas hiring a nationwide freight broker allows them to tap into the resource and take on the management burden so you don’t have to.

Would having another company in the mix compromise service? 

Quite the opposite, actually. Think of freight handling like a three-legged stool. There’s you, your shipper, and your customer. If any of those legs fall short, the whole thing goes wobbly or just might fall over. A good broker makes sure that each part of the equation gets the attention it needs.

How can I be sure I’m getting an experienced broker?

The same way you’d fill any other key position: do your homework, and ask plenty of questions. Brokerage is about strategy as much as service. When that strategy hasn’t been thought through, or if the broker is inexperienced, there’s a tendency to over-promise and under-deliver. Never be afraid to ask for specifics, especially when the alternative is leaning on your own over-stretched assets.

How do you prevent communications breakdowns?

We know that this is a prime source of frustration and a reason that many brokers fail. We personally dispatch our drivers to ensure that vital communications get through to the right people, right away. We also use GPS and electronic data interchange (EDI) for real-time visibility and feedback.

How do you prevent returned loads? 

Many brokers are terrified of losing money. Able Transport Solutions approaches things a bit differently: we’d rather lose money than lose a customer, which is why our brokers have the authority to prioritize service over money. Because we come through every time, it all evens out in the end; we have better customer retention, and our new clients quickly realize that we’ll go the extra mile. We have never given a single load back to a customer. 

But don’t just take our word for it; put us to the test. We’re more than happy to talk (and talk, and talk… we’re enthusiastic about this stuff) about the processes and safeguards that have ensured our and our customers’ success. 

Will this run afoul of our insurance requirements or contractual obligations?

This is a common and very understandable concern among our prospective clients. After all, nobody wants to risk their coverage or potential liability exposure. For this reason, Able Transport maintains contracts with multiple companies of all sizes, ensuring that these concerns are addressed. We also have extended insurance policies in place for your protection.

Finding the Right Freight Broker

We encourage you to interview multiple brokers, comparing their services against your needs. We make this suggestion with the full knowledge that Able Transport Solutions may not be the company you choose. Why? Because we’re well aware that a freight broker will improve your processes and your bottom line by keeping your vendors honest and your service fast. Why not start the process with a click or call today?