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When you need something transported to a location in North America, you need a partner you can trust – and that partner is Able Transport Solutions. Our talented team consists of carrier partners located throughout the United States and Canada. Just like we’re prepared to transport any number of items, our team reflects the diverse nature of the things we haul. We firmly believe that our whole collaborative team is greater than any one of its members, and it’s that belief combined with our proven expertise.

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What Is a Flatbed Truck?

While we’re committed to making innovations in the transport vertical, we’re equally committed to the tried-and-true methods that have enabled us to become a leader in our industry. Flatbed and heavy haul transport allow us to satisfy the specific demands of our clients seamlessly.

If you’ve never employed our heavy-duty transport services before, you might not be familiar with the equipment used to pull off seemingly impossible jobs. Depending on the specific load we’re asked to haul, we may use a flatbed, stepdeck, RGN, multiaxle lowboy or a variety of other specialized trailersto transport the item(s).

Flatbed trucks are a common sight on roads and highways. A flatbed truck is a large automobile that has a cab and a long, horizontal deck that doesn’t have sides or a roof. Given its open deck , a flatbed truck is an ideal pick for transporting oversized and/or awkwardly shaped things, including items that are too wide to fit in a truck with an enclosed trailer. . Since it doesn’t have walls, loading and positioning loads on the deck is a breeze.

Flatbed trucking and heavy haul transport are needed across many industries. Flatbed trucks are often used to transport construction and building materials, heavy machinery, automotive parts, steel, pipes, railroad supplies, and many other things. In general, flatbed trucking is a great option for bigger loads or loads that need the ability to load or unload from the sides or overhead crane, rather than at a dock.

Our network is so expansive that we’re able to ship to and from locations across the United States and throughout Canada. Whether you need to ship something across town or the country, Able Transport Solutions already has the trucks in position needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently every time.

What to Expect

When you choose Able Transport Solutions, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind and confidence that comes from knowing all of our staff as well as our contracted drivers are experienced, trained, licensed, and committed to safety. Our drivers are well-versed in DOT regulations at both state and national levels, which ensures your loads will be transported within the confines of transportation regulations.

Why Companies Choose Us

To put it simply, companies of all sizes choose Able Transport Solutions because we set the standard for our industry. Having been a top 5 FTL carrier for years, Able Transport Solutions is the preferred option among businesses that demand reliable, on-time shipping, and superior customer service. We ensure efficient and safe transport for clients in an array of industries, and we’re quick to adopt cutting edge technology to make our processes even safer and more efficient than they already are.

No matter what vertical you compete in, we have the expertise to increase your supply chain’s efficiency and reliability. Contact our headquarters near Omaha, NE to get an accurate, no-obligation estimate for flatbed trucking or heavy haul transport now!