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In today’s increasingly connected global marketplace, speed is critically important to your supply chain and business success. Just like consumers expect your website to load in less than three seconds, it may also seem like they expect you to deliver their ordered goods just as fast. Luckily, our expedited shipping services can empower you to deliver products to your waiting customers as quickly as possible.

What is Expedited Shipping?

Sometimes, the meaning of something is easily found in its name, and that’s certainly the case with expedited shipping. “Expedited” means to get something done quicker than it normally would be. With expedited shipping, the goal is to deliver your goods faster than they would be otherwise.

Able Transport Solutions proudly offers several shipping options, including standard and expedited shipping. Our standard service delivers items in the usual amount of time it takes the products to reach their final destination. With our expedited services, it’s possible to ship your goods noticeably faster.

Average Cost & How It Is Factored

Multiple factors contribute to the cost of expedited shipping. With that in mind, there is no average cost for this service. Instead, the cost of expedited shipping will vary depending on your location, the recipient’s location, the weight of your shipment, your shipping requirements (e.g. refrigeration), and other factors.

If you want an estimate for expedited shipping, request a quote from the experts at Able Transport Solutions!

Value of Reliable Expedited Shipping

While we’re happy to calculate the cost of an expedited shipment, the value of our reliable expedited shipping services is simply incalculable. Our expedited shipping services allow you to solve your customers’ problems and satisfy their needs faster. They also give you the chance to distinguish your business from its competitors with faster deliveries. In other words, our services enable you to reduce churn with increased customer satisfaction and raise your company’s profile above the competition with quicker, reliable deliveries you and your clients can count on.

The convenience of being able to track shipments only adds to the value of our expedited shipping services. Both you and your customers can track shipments to ensure they’ll arrive on time.

When You Would Want to Expedite Your Cargo

Do you need to ship an expensive item or time-sensitive documents? You can count on our expedited shipping services for a speedier delivery. Is your assembly line shut down because of a failed part? Employing our expedited shipping services can help your line get back to up and running status as quickly as possible.

What to Expect with Our Expedited Shipping Services

The things you can expect when you use our expedited shipping services are the exact same reasons why businesses across industries partner with us. Our team consists of experts who are dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations. All of our representatives follow the same process, which ensure’s you a consistent and reliable experience. The drivers in our extensive network are trained, experienced, knowledgeable, insured, and licensed. Whether you need to ship a full truckload or just one package, you can count on us to make timely, expedited delivery.

To arrange reliable expedited deliveries, request a free quote from Able Transport Solutions, Nebraska’s most trusted expedited shipping company, now.

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