For the staff at Able Transport Solutions, our recent retreat to the Ameristar in Black Hawk, Colorado was more than a corporate retreat. After a year’s worth of COVID-related uncertainty and disconnection, this trip was nothing less than a chance to reconnect to our old friends — and our roots.

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What We Discovered

The Ameristar turned out to be the perfect setting for our getaway. With its spa, casino, and its indulgent cuisine, it couldn’t have been better. And as a company that takes pride in the level of service we provide to our clients, we couldn’t have been happier with their professional and accommodating staff.

The highlight of the trip was our special guest Karl Schaphorst of Sandler Training. He delivered an inspiring keynote speech to our employees and guests, as well as facilitated a workshop on building world-class relationships. This was especially resonant to us since we’re always looking for ways to improve our customer service.

Between sessions, there was plenty of time to explore the 135-year-old town of Blackhawk, a mining town located an hour outside of Denver. There were also plenty of opportunities for great food, deep conversations, and time for employees from our different teams to get to know one another outside the pressure of day-to-day work. We didn’t leave our jobs completely behind in Fort Calhoun, but we made the most of the time we had, coming out of this much stronger than we went in. 

How Our Employees Benefited

By all accounts, the trip was quite the experience. We were able to brainstorm new ideas, reconnect with trusted colleagues, and return to the office with our heads clear, our hearts full, and our focus on our clients renewed.


One of our employees, Jill Grosse-Rhode, called the retreat,

a weekend of growth, bonding, teamwork, and fun that resulted in new friendships, a broadened mindset, lasting memories, and future goals,” going on to say, “It was a huge success and will have a lasting impact personally and professionally.

Gene Tietz agreed, saying,

The Colorado getaway was a great weekend spending some quality time with my coworkers. I really enjoyed getting to know everyone a little better. The keynote speaker Karl Schaphorst did a great job giving everyone tools to use in both their personal and professional life. Thanks Able Transport, for a trip I have never experienced anytime in my 30 year career.

How You Benefit

There’s more in this for you than simply hearing about our lovely time in the Rockies. One thing we’ve come to realize during our time in business is that a strategic step back — the time taken to refresh, recharge, and find new perspective — isn’t just about taking a breather. It’s also about finding new and better ways to provide 3PL and freight brokerage services for those who place their trust in Able Transport Solutions. We’ll be carrying the lessons from this retreat into 2022, and for many years to come. Call us today for help meeting your logistics challenges and we’re sure you’ll see the difference too!

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