Being known as a \”shipper of choice\” in the transportation industry isn’t just about having a shiny reputation– it can directly impact a shipper’s bottom line.

When carriers can rely on a shipper to be reliable and easy to \”get in and out of,\” they’ll likely give the shipper better rates, offer them access to more trucks and more capacity. Then, on the rare occasion that a preferred shipper has to delay a truck, carriers tend to be more forgiving and less likely to nickel and dime the shipper for detention charges.

Shippers with less stellar reputations, on the other hand, risk losing trucks in a competitive environment.

In addition to being dependable, preferred shippers take good care of drivers. The #1 thing that will make drivers respect a shipper is their ability to turn trucks quickly. Drivers only get paid when their wheels are turning. They’re typically paid per mile, which means they’re not being paid for time spent loading and unloading. From that perspective, it’s easy to understand why a driver would prefer to load at a facility that takes an hour versus one that takes four hours.

Other things shippers can do to accommodate drivers are:

  • Ensure drivers have access to restrooms
  • Create and maintain efficient check-in and check-out procedures
  • Nurture a positive dock culture that respects drivers– and their equipment
  • Offer access to vending machines– or even better, free snacks

Making sure the loading and unloading process is as efficient as possible and creating a positive environment for drivers isn’t just the right thing to do– it’s the profitable thing to do.

Until next time,

Liz Wayne